Business Consulting Group


 The Business Consulting Group at San Diego State University is a recognized student organization that seeks to promote an interdisciplinary approach for students seeking to develop skills in:

  • Management
  • Research
  • Consultancy
  • Business Analysis

Inherently, the Business Consulting Group is open to students across all majors and areas of study, including graduate students. Transitively, the Group seeks to foster an environment of competent craft, creativity and collaboration among its members. In addition, this club differs from most Business Clubs because our goal is to teach students how to consult by presenting consulting workshops. Therefore, each student receives actual hands on experience. You will participate in various workshops that prepare you for your initial meeting with a client and teach you how to write a winning proposal. In some of these workshops you will learn how to collect data and provide recommendations, how to present these recommendations, and what to expect in interviews. Fortunately, we do not have any club fees or dues because we are a re-established group that is in the beginning stages of solidifying the infrastructure and culture of the club. We are associated with the Aztec Consulting Program of the business department at SDSU and have the opportunity to work with real small businesses who are in need of consulting.

 Business Consulting Group has worked with many clients across a myriad of industry spaces in both the public and private sector. Under the guidance of the Aztec Consulting Program, the Business Consulting Group works with clients referred to the Group from the community as well as from the Aztec Alumni network.

How To Get Involved:

Students – Follow the Business Consulting Group on Facebook or LinkedIn to stay in the loop on all of the Group’s meetings and activities.

Potential Clients — Do you have an idea for a project? Business Consulting Group works closely with the Aztec Consulting Program to ensure applicants are processed quickly and attentively. Visit the link below to apply safely and securely.