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The Aztec Consulting Program has been on campus at San Diego State University (SDSU) since the 1970’s. The Program is designed to give students a real-world experience by connecting to the small business community in San Diego. Students are able to apply their learned business knowledge in strategy and problem solving to address issues facing the small business they are assigned. After thorough business and research techniques have been utilized, each team provides recommendations to their clients in a comprehensive deliverable including an action plan. Aztec Consulting Program offers management consulting services to small businesses in the city of San Diego for free, based on an annual grant from the City of San Diego. The program’s main competition is other consulting firms as well as other college consulting programs in the San Diego area.

What We Do

Aztec Consulting enables students to leverage their existing knowledge from the classroom to further explore real-world business problems and gain relevant work experience by working on consulting engagements with clients.

Core Values

We are focused on building value for our community of clients and student consultants.

  • To our clients, we strive to provide innovative, yet tangible solutions, which lead to optimized decision-making and increased effectiveness.
  • To our students, we emphasize professional and personal growth by developing top undergraduate students into strategic thinkers and leaders capable of approaching complex, real-world business issues.

At the Aztec Consulting Program we know that finding the right help when you need it is a choice not to be taken lightly. We value your time and well being.

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