Sign Diego Win

Providing consulting services
for small businesses since 1970

The Fowler College of Business at San Diego State University ranks as one of the top ten best business schools in California and aspires to be the educational backbone of the San Diego business community. The Aztec Consulting Program at the FCB supports this goal by connecting students with the San Diego business community through its business consulting program. The program’s aim is to pair undergraduate students with small businesses to create actionable solutions based on solid market research. Our community comes together to give astute SDSU students hands-on experience at no charge to the small business.

Our Mission

To serve as a learning hub between students and businesses in order to develop critical thinkers and business solutions.

Consulting Areas of Expertise

  • Business Expansion and Revenue Growth
  • Improving Human Resource Processes
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • Developing Advertising and Promotions
  • Search Optimization and Social Media
  • Cost Analysis and Control
  • Developing Foreign Market Entry Strategy
  • Conducting Benchmark and Competitor Analysis
  • Improving Operations and Project Management Efficiencies