Student FAQs

 How do I sign up for BA 404, Small Business Consulting?

If you meet the prerequisites mentioned in the curriculum section, fill out the application form HERE

Am I allowed to petition for acceptance into the program if I do not have all of the prerequisites completed?

No. All prerequisites must be complete in order to enroll.

Will companies be provided for us, or can I go out and find my own company?

A list of organizations with projects will be provided for students to choose from, but students can also nominate an organization. If you have an organization in mind for your project, please contact Professor John Francis well before the start of the semester.

Will I have to work in a group for the Small Business Consulting Class?

Yes, students work in groups of 3-5 depending on the size of the potential project.

Can I choose my group members?

No, group members will be assigned based on their individual applications, their business degree path, and expected workload outside of the classroom. An interdisciplinary team is preferred.

How are the 3-units of work done in the semester?

You are expected to spend about 15 hours each week working on the project outside of the time spent in class.

What will I be doing in the semester during "course" hours?

This time will be spent doing many project-necessary tasks including: Reading and completing tasks for the class; meeting with key employees from the client; reading up on the target organization and industry in the library; working alone at home on your portion of the project; meeting with your other team members to work on your project. You will have to manage your time wisely outside of class to complete this project.

For these hours spent working outside of class time will I have to "clock in" and "clock out" at the organization in which I'm doing the project?

Yes. Personal time logs will be kept in order to determine how much each individual contributed and to give real-life experience as to how a consultant tracks their hours to be paid. You will not be clocking in and out of the business itself. This course is not an internship.