John Francis

John Francis, Ph.D.



Dr. John Francis is a professor of international strategy and Director of the Aztec Consulting Program at SDSU. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Memphis and has worked as a financial analyst, consultant and directed projects for firms including BE&K Inc., MolsonCoors, Marriott International, General Atomics, Hewlett Packard, and Adidas to name a few. He has published twenty-eight research articles and book chapters focusing on understanding strategies for firms entering international business environments.

His research can be found in leading journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, and Global Strategy Journal. From his work, he has contributed to publications such as the New York Times, The, and San Diego Union-Tribune. In addition to his research activities, Dr. Francis teaches MBA and undergraduate courses in Business Strategy, Integrative Business Consulting. He serves as faculty mentor for the Zahn Center for Innovation Technology, an incubator that supports SDSU aspiring entrepreneurs. He is a faculty mentor for SDSU’s X Prize competitive team. Using his strategy and project management experiences, Dr. Francis is on a mission to help others to increase their skill and understanding of what works in today’s global business environment.

Lara Snow


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Lara Snow is a senior at SDSU studying Business Administration, Management. She is also minoring in Sustainability and Communication. Other on-campus positions Lara holds are Office Assistant at Associated Students and Instructional Student Assistant at Commuter Life.

During the last two summers, Lara has had the opportunity to intern for GEICO, consulting on various real business issues. She enjoys learning about the business consulting world. Ultimately, Lara would like to make a real impact on the people and businesses in her community.

Yuri Headshot

Yuridia Vargas Diaz

Teaching Assistant

Yuridia Vargas Diaz is a senior at SDSU pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

Yuri is an experienced academic tutor encompassing various ages and numerous subjects. Through her years of tutoring, Yuri has learned to manage building a book of business and has improved student achievement by 20% across different subjects. This experience has helped Yuri develop strong client relationships, has improved time management skills and has helped foster a long-lasting desire to give back to her community through instructional support of the next generation of young professionals.

Yuri has been offered full-time employment upon graduation after successfully completing an 8-week internship in the insurance industry. She has performed SWOT analysis, collaborated with diverse teams, and has presented managerial-style projects to various levels of management. In her time as an intern, Yuri has been exposed to the intricate side of business, has developed leadership skills, and has acquired first-hand experience in management. 

Yuri continues to give back to her community through volunteering, participating in school involvement, and aims to help the advancement of all that cross her path.

Alex Headshot

Alex Favor 

Graduate Assistant

Alex Favor is an MBA Candidate and analyst in the Biotech Industry. After receiving his undergraduate degree from SDSU, he spent four years managing the on-campus BCB Café kiosks with success in bringing significant operational improvements. Currently, he uses data analytics and marketing strategies to drive revenue growth by implementing new procedures which have increased customer acquisition and retention rates.

Alex enjoys being active in the SDSU community and is happy to help students interested in learning more about business management. 

Jonathan Headshot

Jonathan Bolz 

Graduate Assistant


Jonathan is completing his last semester in the MBA program here at SDSU, through the Fowler College of Business. When he isn’t crunching numbers as a financial analyst at the consulting firm he works with, you can find him on Coronado Island training with his US Navy unit as a uniformed reservist.

His previous professional experience includes a stint at a marketing firm in Seattle and founding an e-commerce and a catering business, after which he graduated Cum Laude with his B.S. in International Business & Marketing from Columbia College.

Capitalizing on his military background and business management experience, Jonathan is also working with a Venture Capital Investment Competition, and is looking forward to assisting more start-ups in their financing endeavors.

Sumeet Headshot

Sumeet Shinde 

Graduate Assistant


Sumeet Shinde is currently a graduate business student receiving his master's degree in Information Systems. He has a keen interest in IT consulting, auditing and management. He has over two years of experience in business and marketing analysis as well as IT auditing and testing.

Prior to SDSU, Sumeet graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Arizona where he was also a part of the tennis team. While studying at Arizona, Sumeet got deeply acquainted with varied business domains and concepts including management, entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, and different business functions and operation levels.