Client FAQs

 Why should my business participate in the Aztec Consulting Program?

By participating in the Aztec Consulting Program, you get an unbiased team of motivated, capable “consultants” to work for you. The students will focus on an important, difficult problem or project at your organization. On average, the team will provide you with 100 hours of time to commit to a determined scope. The deliverable includes recommendations and a clear, realistic action plan. In addition to these pragmatic goals, you will also be achieving the philanthropic goal of working with SDSU to provide students with an innovative and relevant business education.

What are the costs associated with the Senior Experience Program?

There is no cost to businesses who participate in the Undergraduate Aztec Consulting Program.

What is the duration of Aztec Consulting Program projects?

The students consult for the business for a complete academic semester. If in the Fall, that is late August to December, if in the Spring that is late January to May. There is a final presentation from the students at the end of each semester.

What kind of projects is the Aztec Consulting Program looking for?

We would like projects that require creative problem solving and provide good educational experiences for our students. We are especially interested in projects that involve accounting, finance, marketing, information technology, international business, management, and general business related issues.

Can my organization propose more than one project?

Often projects for a business are related. The scope will be determined by the client and passed on to the students.

Will each team be comprised entirely of students studying in the same area (e.g., Accounting only) or will each team be interdisciplinary?

Teams are created to best serve each project, but we always try to have at least some breadth of talent, experience, and major area on each team.

How much time are the student teams expected to spend on this project?

Each team is expected to spend about 100 overall hours on each project.

What are the students expected to do during these hours outside of class?

This time will be spent doing many project-necessary tasks including: reading and completing tasks for the class; meeting with key employees; reading up on the target organization and industry in the library; meeting with other team members to work on the project. 

For the hours spent working outside of class time, will the student have to “clock in” and “clock out” at the business in which they are completing the project?

No, this is not intended to be like an internship, where the student would have a set schedule of hours that they work, as would the permanent employees of that organization. Since the team of students is the equivalent of a team of consultants for your organization, we expect them to act and be treated like consultants. The students must decide when, how, and for how long they actually spend time on-site at your company.

How much time will I have to spend with the team of students?

As explained above, the team of students is to behave like a team of independent consultants. You will meet with the team as necessary during the life of the project to provide guidance as needed. As the primary contact person, you are likely to meet about once a week for the initial few weeks, but the meetings may become less frequent as the team becomes familiar with your organization, its personnel, and with the problem or project under study. We want to encourage you to spend a sufficient amount of time with the students to help them provide the most benefit for the business as well as the most beneficial educational experience.

How do I sign up my organization for a Senior Experience project?

If you would like to submit an application to be a client of the Aztec Consulting Program, please CLICK HERE. Submissions are due no later than August 1st for the Fall semester and January 1st for the Spring semester.