Become an Advisor


Consulting teams consist of three to five students, one MBA student, and one or two advisors from the local business professional community. These teams assess their client's business development needs. Over the semester, these teams learn about consulting and problem-solving techniques through their consulting class and apply their knowledge to the client’s identified scope to develop recommendations and an action plan for improvements.

Professional Advisors (Needed for both Spring Semester and Fall Semester)
A student team with one or two professional advisors is matched with a local business to help assess its business development needs. These mentors and advisors work with student consulting teams to guide the teams’ research and recommendations to meet the needs of the small business owners. The industry-specific and project management knowledge of professional advisors enhances the student learning experience and helps students work with small business owners to increase their success.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact John Francis [email protected] or 619 594 5339


Client Advisors