The Business Consulting Group

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce to you the Business Consulting Group.

The Business Consulting Group is open to students across all majors and areas of study. Transitively, the Group seeks to foster an environment of competent craft, creativity and collaboration among its members. In addition, this club differs from most Business Clubs because our goal is to teach students how to consult by presenting consulting workshops. Therefore, each student receives actual hands on experience. You will participate in various workshops that prepare you for your initial meeting with a client and teach you how to write a winning proposal. In some of these workshops you will learn how to collect data and provide recommendations, how to present these recommendations, and what to expect in interviews. Lastly, these workshops are quick! And they will only last about a hour or less.

Our first workshop is this Thursday, February 23rd, and it will be a conference about the Initial Meeting with  Client.

Here is our workshop schedule:

Workshop “Initial Meeting with Client”: February 23rd, Location: Student Union, Aztlan, Room 2, Speaker: David Inniss, Founder and President at San Diego CRM Consulting

Workshop “Client Proposal”:March 2nd, Location: Student Union, Aztlan, Room 2, Speaker: Diana Hall, Global Blockchain Lead at Accenture Digital

Workshop: “Research”: March 23rd, Location: Student Union, Aztlan, Room 2, Speaker: John Francis, Management Professor at San Diego State University

Workshop: “Recommendations”: April 6th, Location: Student Union, Aztlan, Room 2

Workshop: “Interview Practice”: April 20th, Location: Student Union, Aztlan, Room 2, Speaker: John Fieberg, Financial Adviser at Edward Jones

Regular Meeting: “May 4th, Location: SSE 3220

We hope you attend!

Thank you.