Spring 2017 Projects

Dr. Francis is leading BA 404 with four amazing General Advisors:  Parth Kotnis, Luiz Scheidt, Erman Ergun and Vishal Dhandia. In addition, this semester we have six interesting clients.

The first is Azteca Beverages, which sells a Nopal Cactus based beverage and intends to target  health conscious  Hispanic consumers.

Next, we have PilLoveTalk, which is a sole proprietor, owned and operated by Vivien Francis, dedicated to manufacturing pillow cases and throw pillows. PilLove’s origin was cultivated throughout a lengthy life event that taught Ms. Francis the power of motivational words and suggestions.

Also, we have Meraki Allure, which was founded by Mo Cisse and only about seven months old, is in its early stages and seeks to establish itself in the high-end fashion market by differentiating the brand through quality materials, a strong focus on luxury, and eventual customization and catering to the customer.

Next, we have BTS TV, LLC, founded approximately two years ago by CEO McAndy “Tony” Duclos, is a video production company headquartered in downtown San Diego. Along with his co-owner and co-producer, Austin Winnie, Duclos and their team provide services to a large variety of clients including marketing agencies, brands, musicians, and businesses of all sizes throughout Southern California.

In addition, we have Vanguard NDIA: The National Defense Industry Association is a non-partisan, non-profit educational, association founded educate stakeholders in the defense industry. The organization’s mission is to engage leaders to promote the best policies and practices in order to support the nation’s war-fighters.

Lastly, we have The Aztec Consulting Program (formerly Small Business Consulting Center) at the College of Business Administration at SDSU aspires to be the educational backbone of the San Diego business community and  supports this goal  by connecting students with the San Diego business community through its business consulting program.