Aztec Consulting: PilLoveTalk

Written by Erman Ergun, Graduate Assistant, Aztec Consulting, Spring 2017.

Hey, Dear Aztec Consulting Blog readers!

After a successful last semester, this semester as Aztec Consulting our goal is the same: providing feasible and effective solutions to our new clients through highly detailed analysis and hard work. It is always a great pleasure to work with the small businesses and try to help their problems as real consultants.

This semester we have six great businesses that were assigned to different teams. My team is working with PilLoveTalk, which is a company that is owned and operated by Vivien Francis as a sole proprietor. PilLoveTalk is selling pillowcases and throw pillows with truly special quotes and designs. When I first listened to the story of Ms. Francis, which is the foundation of PilLoveTalk, I was totally affected and touched. Therefore it is a great pleasure to work with a client who is hardworking and really talented. After witnessing the relation of the story of Ms. Francis with her business, my team and I were more inclined and motivated to give her a great consulting service.

The concept for PilLoveTalk began seven years ago but established in 2015. To get to see the amazing designs and products, you can visit the Etsy page of PilLoveTalk: Through the project, the main contact was the owner, Vivien Francis. As I mentioned before her passion towards her business and job is very high. Her designs and world-view make her business special. Her passionate personality was clear to all of us at our very first meeting.

Our team of consultants/students is all highly excited and enthusiastic about being part of the project and getting to know PilLoveTalk. The team consists of: Robin Matthews, Josh Massey, Inbar Gam and Priscilla Ly. Robin Matthews is our project manager with an Accounting major, Josh Massey is majoring in Finance, Inbar Gam is majoring in Marketing and Priscilla Ly is from business administration/ human resources. This wide variety of different majors gives a great balance to the project and also creates synergies from the combination of their individual strengths. I am very happy to be working with all of my amazing team members, who are all very talented, detail-oriented, responsible and most importantly hard working.

We have already completed the first few deliverables and the team is continuing confidently with the remaining of the project by keeping up with their research. Some of the team members have also attended PilLoveTalk’s tradeshows to get a better sense of the company-customer relationship as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company. There is still more research to do and survey/interviews to conduct to give logical recommendations to Vivien Francis.

We can’t wait to finalize the research and provide some useful recommendations to PilLoveTalk and help the company as much as possible!