Interview with Deepika Verma

As part of staying in touch with past alumni of our program and highlighting success stories, Kira Hall recently facilitated an interview with SDSU alum Deepika Verma.

Deepika Verma is a successful consultant working at Ernst & Young in New York in the financial section of the data analytical sector where she is responsible for helping her team build reports for their clients. Before she got this job, she lived in Seattle working at a consulting firm, Loft9. Her dream was to work for one of The Big 4 Companies (Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KPMG and PWC). After six months of working at Microsoft, she received an opportunity to work for Ernst Young and moved immediately to Manhattan. Currently, she welcomes her new job with open hands and she finds her work to be very interesting.

As part of the interview, I asked her what she would recommend to students wanting to become successful consultants. She replied, “to become a consultant, you need to be a people pleaser, thus very outgoing, and you need to stay connected.” Therefore, in her work she tries her best to keep her clients happy by either taking them out for lunch or getting them coffee.  In addition she said, “keep in touch with people,” thus, it is imperative to maintain these relationships because each person that you meet can lead you to a new job or experience.

I asked Deepika why she decided to be a consultant. She told me that, “it was something that happened by chance, and that relationships with people are important to me, so I wanted to live a very dynamic life.” I further learned that in the consulting lifestyle, people are constrained to working long hour days. However, it is never boring because they’re always working on something new and thinking of new ideas.

I asked what the interview process is like for consulting positions and how did she prepare for them. She explained how she went through a bunch of case interviews, for example, which give you a situation and ask how you would handle it. She said the most important step to take when they ask these scenario questions is to, “walk them through the steps that you’re thinking because they want to see your thought process, therefore it is essential that you are able to think on the spot.” In addition, she said in order to prepare for these interviews, she would do her research online and also participate in mock interviews, so she could further prepare herself.

Deepika presented me with a great amount of knowledge that will help students master the career of consulting. We are sad to have her gone, but extremely fortunate to have a connection with an amazing Aztec Consulting alumni.