Spring 2017 Projects

Dr. Francis is leading BA 404 with four amazing General Advisors:  Parth Kotnis, Luiz Scheidt, Erman Ergun and Vishal Dhandia. In addition, this semester we have six interesting clients. The first is Azteca Beverages, which sells a Nopal Cactus based beverage and intends to target  health conscious  Hispanic consumers. Next, we […]

The Business Consulting Group

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce to you the Business Consulting Group. The Business Consulting Group is open to students across all majors and areas of study. Transitively, the Group seeks to foster an environment of competent craft, creativity and collaboration among its members. In addition, this club differs […]

Interview with Deepika Verma

As part of staying in touch with past alumni of our program and highlighting success stories, Kira Hall recently facilitated an interview with SDSU alum Deepika Verma. Deepika Verma is a successful consultant working at Ernst & Young in New York in the financial section of the data analytical sector […]

San Diego Tribune

Exciting News!! Aztec Consulting was recently featured inside of the San Diego Tribune. Please check the link to read. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/education/sd-me-sdsu-consultants-20161216-story.html

Baja Experience Tours

On a cold and windy morning in November, we set out from Ocean Beach to Baja, Mexico. Rodger Caldwell, the veteran guide and owner of Baja Experience Tours was driving us through the border. We were instantly transported to another time and culture. Busy streets broke way to rustic countryside’s […]

Aztec Consulting Fall 2016: Final Presentations

Aztec Consulting is hosting its Fall 2017, final presentations on Friday, December 9th at 8:30 A.M at the Aztlan Room, Second floor, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. The program has been involved in helping the San Diego business community with the support of the San Diego Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), Pacific […]

Aztec Consulting: CureMatch

Written by Parth Kotnis, Graduate Assistant, Aztec Consulting, Fall 2016. As an information system professional and a consultant, I have always strived to work on challenging projects that leverage cutting edge technology. If the project manages to touch human lives and provide unprecedented treatment to cancer patients along with the […]

Aztec Consulting: Ocean Beach Surf and Skate

Written by Vishal Dhandia, Graduate Assistant, Aztec Consulting, Fall 2016 It an astounding experience being an advisor to the team of students consulting a company which compliments the culture and lifestyle of San Diego. Our team is fourth of the five teams that is part of Aztec Consulting Project 2016 and […]

Aztec Consulting: Vavi Sport and Social Club

Written by Erman Ergun, Graduate Assistant, Aztec Consulting, Fall 2016   As you got the sense of the Aztec Consulting program in the previous blog posts, I want to mention our main goal in one sentence again: In Aztec Consulting our main goal is to come up with feasible and effective […]

Aztec Consulting: Steven Lombardi Architect

Written by Mayara Menquini, Graduate Assistant, Aztec Consulting, Fall 2016 As we mentioned in previous posts, this semester Aztec Consulting is serving 5 distinctive businesses in the San Diego County. Our objective is to identify what are the key issues these businesses are facing, and recommend creative solutions to address […]