Aztec Consulting: Aztec Consulting

Written by Parth Kotnis, Graduate Assistant, Aztec Consulting, Spring 2017.

The College of Business Administration at San Diego State aspires to be the educational backbone of the San Diego business community. The Aztec Consulting Program (formerly Small Business Consulting Center) at the CBA supports this goal by connecting students with the San Diego business community through its business consulting program. The program’s aim is to introduce and equip students with the skills necessary to tackle the multifaceted issues that trouble businesses. Aztec Consulting enables students to leverage their existing knowledge from the classroom to further explore real-world business problems and gain relevant work experience by working on consulting engagements with clients.

Each semester students from San Diego State University are provided with an opportunity to work with San Diego Businesses and gain pragmatic exposure by interacting with business owners and entrepreneurs alike through Aztec Consulting. Aztec consulting program equips students with skills requisite to tackle real world problems that businesses tend to face. The program also provides a platform for students to get a first-hand experience of being a consultant thus allowing students to burgeon into strategic thinkers and leaders proficient in tackling complex business scenarios.

This semester though has been different. Aztec Consulting program decided to participate and evaluate itself as a client for the program. Having worked as graduate assistant for the program for 3 semesters now the project seemed challenging as well as an introspective lesson for me personally.  Dr. John Francis, the director of the program had shared the idea of having Aztec Consulting as a client during the Spring semester to seek ways to market the program better to both small business and under-graduate business students at San Diego state.

For this project, it was important to have a team of consultants that was up to the challenge of having a client that was essentially a class they were enrolled in. The team was selected and comprised of various majors that was essential for a project such as Aztec Consulting. The consultants working on this project are Rachel Rodriguez, Jaynie Lee, Nina Bruno and Talena Handley. The academic majors for these consultants are marketing, general business and accounting.

L-R: Jaynie Lee, Rachel Rodriguez, Talena Handley

As a part of the project it was important to understand the exact needs of the students and the consultants shared their personal experience working with Aztec Consulting. Nina Bruno who is Business Marketing major said, “Working on this project for the Aztec Consulting Program has been such a fantastic learning experience. I registered for this class in hopes of gaining hands-on experience before entering the real world and adding something to my resume. It has been so much more than that. Not only do I have a great team, but Professor Francis and Parth, our Graduate Assistant, have a wealth of knowledge and are eager to share it with us. One of the experiences that has taught me the most has been the collection of research, analyzing the results, and deciding what we can do with it. My team and I hope to deliver an action plan that will allow Aztec Consulting Program to grow and be a class which attracts the most eager and astute students from the Fowler Business School.”

The team has done a remarkable job so far in doing research and are now consolidating results for the project. They are formulating recommendations and an action plan for the Aztec Consulting Program that will enable the program attain greater success.