Aztec Consulting: Meraki Allure

Written by Vishal Dhandia, Graduate Assistant, Aztec Consulting, Spring 2017.

Aztec Business Consulting has always had the opportunity to undertake interesting and challenging projects for its enthusiastic and highly qualified consulting students. This spring semester has been nothing different than the rest of semesters as we got an opportunity to consult a brand new business called “Meraki Allure”. Meraki Allure founded by Mo Cisse and only about seven months old, is in its early stages and seeks to establish itself in the high end fashion market by differentiating the brand through quality materials, a strong focus on luxury, and eventual customization and catering to the customer.  The company’s end goal is to create a lifestyle brand with a mission. The world of Meraki Allure clothes revolves around fashionable clothes comprising of silk dresses, gold short skirts for women and classic, sober gentlemen suits. The target market is young to middle aged male and female professionals seeking style, convenience, and excellence in their clothing.

Our consulting team is composed of five incredibly talented and hardworking consultants/students with varied majors and backgrounds: Grace Benguerel is our project manager and is majoring in marketing, James Alves is majoring in Management, Benjamin Crandall is majoring in accounting, Rachel Rozzi is majoring in finance and Erin Bolender majoring in marketing. A diverse team like this allows us to add value to our client, by analyzing his business from different perspectives.

The first phase of the project consisted of analyzing the segments of the fashion industry within which the firm is operating in order to determine key success factors for each. Next steps involved examining successful leaders and direct competitors operating within the same industry segments as Meraki Allure in order to identify best business practices for digital retail. Lastly, the consulting team moved forward with analyzing buying behavior of potential customers. All these three objectives helped the team to come up with strategic recommendations for Mearki Allure based on the Key Success Factors of the industry and creating a development plan to boost brand awareness and improve potential customer’s intent to purchase.

The Aztec Business Consulting Team had an amazing experience working on this project with the founder owner of the company Mo Cisse. In this 4 month journey, we as a team learned extensively about the clothing industry and what are the challenges and opportunities there are in the online fashion market. We hope by the end of the project we would have provided useful recommendations to Meraki Allure to take a step forward on the path of success.

Visit website to know more about this amazing San Diego based company: