Aztec Consulting: BTS TV

Written by Vishal Dhandia, Graduate Assistant, Aztec Consulting, Spring 2017.

BTS TV, LLC, founded approximately two years ago by CEO McAndy “Tony” Duclos, is a video production company headquartered in downtown San Diego. Along with his co-owner and co-producer, Austin Winnie, Duclos and their team provide services to a large variety of clients including marketing agencies, brands, musicians, and businesses of all sizes throughout Southern California.

Behind The Scenes TV (BTS TV) is a Full-Service Production Agency located in Southern California. A group of young, motivated individuals whose passions are to tell stories a frame at a time. The team provides video services for agencies, brands, artists, corporations and businesses of all sizes not just throughout Southern California but all over the state of California. The company recreates their approach to every project they produce and made it a cinematic approach. By doing this, every project whether it’s a Music Video, Wedding, Commercial, or even a live event, feels like that it’s a film

Our team is one of the six teams that is part of Aztec Consulting Project 2017 and we are consulting BTS TV. The team comprises of five consulting students from diverse educational backgrounds. The team is led by project Manager Casey Campbell specializing in Business Administration, Adleigh Brisebois specializing in Marketing, Daniel Voelker specializing in Marketing, Taylor Webb specializing in Finance and Hana Sallak specializing in Marketing. The diversity in the team helps the consulting as the consultants bring in ideas from different perspectives which gives deeper insights and better integration to the sum of ideas provided by each one of them.

The consulting project is commissioned to analyze and evaluate the overall effectiveness of BTS TV LLC’s current marketing and operational strategies, as well as specifically discern the wants and needs their current target customer segment, corporate clients in southern California. Furthermore, the purpose of this research is to also provide solid and actionable recommendations for BTS TV in achieving their current goal of attaining corporate clients.

We as a team feel fortunate to have got the opportunity to be part of this project as it  been a great experience learning extensively about the dynamics of the video production industry of San Diego and the rest of Sothern California and  we are dedicated to bring idealistic recommendations to help the company grow in the near future.

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