Our Mission:

To serve as a learning hub between students and businesses in order to develop critical thinkers and business solutions.

Our Program:

What is the Aztec Consulting Program?

The College of Business Administration at San Diego State University ranks as one of the top ten best business schools in California and aspires to be the educational backbone of the San Diego business community. The Aztec Consulting Program (formerly Small Business Consulting Center) at the CBA supports this goal by connecting students with the San Diego business community through its business consulting program. The program’s aim is to introduce and equip students with the skills necessary to tackle the multifaceted issues that trouble businesses.

What we do?

Aztec Consulting enables students to leverage their existing knowledge from the classroom to further explore real-world business problems and gain relevant work experience by working on consulting engagements with clients.

Core Values

We are focused on building value for our community of clients and student consultants. -To our clients, we strive to provide innovative, yet tangible solutions, which lead to optimized decision-making and increased effectiveness. -To our students, we emphasize professional and personal growth by developing top undergraduate students into strategic thinkers and leaders capable of approaching complex, real-world business issues.